PJ Harvey has been busy with some scoring work recently; as mentioned, she wrote the mostly-instrumental score for the theater adaptation of All About Eve, and she also provided much of the score for director Shane Meadows' (This is England) new four-part drama series The Virtues. "The Crowded Cell," a song PJ wrote for the series, closes out each episode, and now that the first part has aired on the UK's Channel 4, you can listen to it below.

"I am so happy to have provided the original music for this extraordinary and powerful new drama by a director I have admired and followed all my life," PJ writes. "Shane has a unique directness and sensitivity to his work which I am drawn to and aspire to in my own work, so our collaboration was open and trusting. I sent Shane ideas as demos for him to try out as he edited and let him choose what he used and where to the greatest effect. In the end we both loved how the demos worked so left them as they were, adding to the raw beauty of the piece."

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