We've got a new podcast up now and it's an interview with John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run! John reflects on Taking Back Sunday's landmark debut album Tell All Your Friends (which just topped our list of the best emo & post-hardcore albums of 2002) for its 20th anniversary, diving into the making of the album, some of the music that influenced it (he cites Cap'n Jazz as an inspiration on TBS' distinct dual vocals), the reaction to the album, the way it's endured over the years, and much more.

John also goes deep on Straylight Run, in celebration of their recent reunion shows. Straylight Run has always been one of my favorite projects from John, and it really feels like they had unfinished business, so this reunion has been triumphant and I was really stoked to get to pick John's brain about that band's wide range of great music.

Throughout the episode, John also touches on other projects, the next Taking Back Sunday record, the way his relationship to the oft-stigmatized genre of emo has changed over the years, and much more. Listen on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


There's also a new 20th anniversary edition of Tell All Your Friends, and you can pick that up on silver vinyl, CD, or cassette. The vinyl comes with a bonus 10" LP featuring four previously unreleased demos. Here's a mock-up:

Taking Back Sunday

TBS also have upcoming tour dates, including Riot Fest, When We Were Young, some shows with My Chemical Romance, and more. No word yet on more Straylight Run reunion shows, but our fingers are crossed!


The interview with John Nolan originally aired on Vans Channel 66.

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