It's official: Twin Peaks returns to television on Sunday, May 21 with a two hour premiere on Showtime. The news came at today's Showtime presentation at the Television Critics Association 2017 Press Tour that was led by network president David Nevins. They also revealed that the new series will consist of 18 episodes. Director David Lynch shot the thing as one giant movie, later deciding how best to break it up into episodes in the editing room. From Deadline:

Nevins admitted that he has seen the entire season at private screenings Lynch had done for him and Showtime president of programming Gary Levine, who were treated to donuts before each viewing session.

Nevins called the new installment “the pure-heroin version of David Lynch.” Like the original, the followup “rewards close watching,” Nevin added.

He called the 1990s ABC series “the original social media discussion show before the tools for social media engagement existed.”

The new version of Twin Peaks sees original star Kyle MacLachlan return as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. He will be joined by several other cast members from the original series, including Lynch himself in a role as FBI Agent Gordon Cole, as well as a number of new cast members.

While Nevins said Showtime isn't ruling out more episodes, the upcoming showtime season "is designed to be close-ended, one-time event."

You can catch the original ABC series finale of Twin Peaks at Videology in Brooklyn on Wednesday (1/11) and there are screenings of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me at Alamo Drafthouse to celebrate the reissue of the film's soundtrack.

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