The 2016 New York Burlesque Festival ran for four days across several venues before culminating in a celebration of the art (and a tribute to the hard working performers), The Golden Pastie Awards which happened at the Highline Ballroom on Saturday, October 2. Burlesque artists from all over the world came for the celebration with many, including producer Jen Gapay, walking the red carpet before the show. A full list of 2016 Golden Pastie winners can be found here, but some of the categories included "The MILFy Award", "The Blessed and Honored Award" and the "AbFab Award" which was given to all the nominees who then claimed the stage with their best (worst?) Edina and Patsy attitudes and attire.

With Scotty the Blue Bunny in from Germany as host, The Golden Pasties alternated between performances and awards, kicking (literally) things off with a can-can themed act from Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies. The next performance involved a classic culinary delight, a theme that recurred throughout the night. A box of Frosted Flakes was enveloped in a heaving bosom, a truly American spectacle occurred when a hamburger gave birth to other hamburgers, a cowgirl prepared and devoured a hero sandwich to Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero," and a giant hot dog-headed man whipped his wieners out. Pictures from the outrageous, titillating awards are in the gallery above (though note: we had to leave early and unfortunately missed a few acts at the end).

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