New York Comic Con concluded its 2018 edition on Sunday (10/7) with a fourth whirlwind day of comics, television, movies, anime, gaming and more at Manhattan's Jacobs Javits Center. There were also a bunch more cosplayers; on day four of the convention, we spotted lots of people sporting Black Panther-inspired looks, a group dressed as Ghost, a couple who looked straight out of Stanley Kubrick's film of The Shining, and another Kubrick film character, Alex from A Clockwork Orange. We also saw people dressed as Spider-Man, Bananas in Pajamas, Cinderella, Toys R US (RIP) mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, The Joker and Harley Quinn, Mr. Potato Head, Shrek, and more. Check out pictures from Sunday in the gallery above.

Archer returns for its tenth season in 2019, and executive producer Matt Thompson and cast members H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, and Lucky Yates discussed the upcoming Archer:1999 and the series' new sci-fi direction (shades of this '70s show), as well as Burt Reynolds, Anthony Bourdain, and "phrasing," in a Sunday panel. As SYFY Wire reports:

They're going to space, which is not a surprise if you watched last season. There's gonna be aliens, spaceships, cryosleep, the whole shebang...

There doesn't seem to a be a limit on what genres Archer can pull from, and the characters seem to be able to shift into any kind of variation. Pam, for instance, is a giant rock monster now.

Now that Archer is a captain, Benjamin got a few captain questions during the panel. First: Kirk or Picard? To which Benjamin qualified with, "What, to f**k?" Whether it was for that or not, he answered Picard. He also chose Captain Kangaroo over Captain Morgan.
One of the fans brought up the recent passing of Burt Reynolds, who was a hero of Sterling Archer and actually popped up as himself on the show. Thompson remarked on how gracious Reynolds was, and said that he wanted Thompson and company to roast him more — he encouraged more jokes at his expense. The same went for Anthony Bourdain (also recently passed) who was also on the show. Tyler mentioned that she was friendly with Bourdain, and that the episode that Bourdain appeared in was a love letter to him. "He was a great person, and l literally want to be Tony Bourdain when I grow up," she said.
Do they have any favorite running gags, on a show that is almost entirely made up of them? Thompson remarked on a new version of "phrasing" that is going to be coming back, and everyone agreed. We also learned there's going to be a lot of putting "space" in front of other words this season, which they all laughed about.

Though they like going through so many different genres, Thompson did say that he hopes to go back to being a normal spy show at some point. Tyler is partial to Archer Vice (calling it "the coke season") however, and Benjamin said that he is as well.

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