One of the biggest pop cultural events on the East Coast, New York Comic Con, is less than a month away - the convention returns to NYC's Javits Center on October 3-6, and while four-day, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badges are all sold out, some Thursday badges are still on sale. Vinyl Funko Pop! Figures have a big presence on the show floor, from new ones for sale directly from Funko to vendors selling discontinued and otherwise collectible editions. Funko also releases a round of NYCC-exclusive Pops each year, and the 2019 designs have begun to be announced. They include Debbie Harry from Blondie, legendary artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, Edgar Allan Poe, Jay and Silent Bob as Bluntman and Chronic, Dr. Frank Poole from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Marty McFly from Back to the Future, Missandei from Game of Thrones, Argus Filch and Madame Maxine from Harry Potter, Suzie from Stranger Things, a purple chrome Batman, Babe Ruth, Daria, and more. See a list of the ones we know so far below, and check out pictures in the gallery below.

NYCC attendees can enter a lottery to purchase exclusive Pops. Stay tuned for more information on that.

New York Comic Con 2019 Funko Pop Exclusives
Pop 2001: A Space Odyssey - Dr. Frank Poole
Pop Avatar - Cabbage Man & Cart
Pop Avengers Endgame - Iron Man with Gauntlet (Amazon)
Pop Babe Ruth
Pop Back to the Future - Marty McFly in Space Suit
Pop Batman Chrome Purple (PR=1,500 pieces)
Pop Borderlands - Butt Stallion
Pop Community - Britta
Pop Daria - Daria
Pop Dark Phoenix Orange Translucent - T-Shirt Bundle (GameStop)
Pop DC Comics - Huntress
Pop Disney - Donald Duck Fireman
Pop Disney Parks - Matterhorn Mickey Mouse (PR=1,500 pieces)
Pop Doctor Who - Tzim-Sha
Pop Dragon Ball Z - Final Flash Vegeta
Pop Dragon Ball Z - Piccolo in Lotus Position
Pop Dune - Feyd-Rautha
Pop Edgar Allen Poe (Books-A-Million)
Pop Fortnite - Dark Voyager GITD
Pop Freddy Funko - NYPD Officer Freddy
Pop Game of Thrones - Missandei
Pop Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Stan Lee Cameo (Walmart)
Pop Harry Potter - Argus Filch
Pop Harry Potter - Madame Maxine 6" Super-Sized
Pop H.R. Pufnstuf - Clang (Toy Tokyo)
Pop H.R. Pufnstuf - Cling (Toy Tokyo)
Pop H.R. Pufnstuf - Witchiepoo (Toy Tokyo)
Pop Jay and Silent Bob - Bluntman & Chronic 2-Pack
Pop Jean-Michel Basquiat (NYCC only)
Pop Keith Haring (NYCC only)
Pop Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Killer Klown
Pop Marvel 80th - Captain Marvell / Mar-Vell First Appearance (Walgreens)
Pop Marvel 80th - Ms. Marvel First Appearance (FunkoShop)
Pop Marvel 80th - Nick Fury First Appearance (GameStop)
Pop My Hero Academia - Hero Killer Stain
Pop My Hero Academia - Dabi
Pop NYCC Pigeons - Red Shirt
Pop NYCC Pigeons - Black Shirt
Pop NYCC Pigeons - Pinstripe Shirt
Pop Overwatch - Biohazard Wrecking Ball 6" Super-Sized
Pop PEZ Mimic the Monkey with Red Overalls
Pop PEZ Blonde Pez Girl
Pop Rick and Morty - TBD / TBD
Pop Rocks Debbie Harry - Blondie (FYE)
Pop Samurai Jack 2-Pack: Samurai Jack & Aku
Pop Stranger Things - Suzie
Pop The Green Hornet 2-Pack: Green Hornet & Kato
Pop The Office - Dwight with Bobblehead
Pop The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors 825 Vampire Mr. Burns
Pop The Warriors - Baseball Furies / Baseball Fury (Toy Tokyo)
Pop Toy Story - Benson Ventriloquist Dummy
Pop Up Movie - House with Kevin
Pop Wacky Races - Clyde
Pop Wacky Races - Professor Pat Pending
Funko Vinyl Freddy Funko - Ron English - Toy Tokyo (PR=1,000 pieces)
5 Star Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Scott Pilgrim, Knives Chau, Ramona Flowers

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