New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that all venues in the state can reopen at 100% capacity to fully vaccinated people. Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday (5/26), Cuomo said, "All venues have the option of going to 100% capacity for fully-vaccinated people. Some venues, and we authorized, you can be 50% vaccinated, 50 unvaccinated, but that limits the capacity of the venue. The sections that are fully vaccinated means people can sit right next to each other, which also, by the way, are a more enjoyable way to participate in the event. You go with your buddies, your family, to see a ball game, you want to sit next to your family, that happens in a vaccinated section. The unvaccinated section has a seat or two empty in between people, so it limits the capacity of the venue. We’ve authorized 50/50. But the venue can choose to go to 100% vaccinated."

The announcement comes as Radio City Music Hall and Beacon Theatre each announced events in June for full-capacity audiences -- a premiere of Dave Chappelle's new documentary and Trey Anastasio shows, respectively -- and follows Madison Square Garden hosting a crowd of 15,000 attendees on Sunday (5/23) for the first Knicks playoff game, the largest indoor gathering in the state since the start of the pandemic.

Cuomo's announcement is also part of the ongoing efforts to encourage people to get vaccinated for COVID, which also include entering New Yorkers who register to get their first vaccine this week into a giveaway for three-day Governors Ball passes.

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