photo: New York's Alright 2014 (more by Matt Schiels)
NY Alright

Get out your studded leather, annual hardcore punk fest New York's Alright is returning in 2015 from April 17-19 at various NYC venues. This year's lineup has a lot of the local repeat offenders like Ajax, Anasazi, L.O.T.I.O.N., Warthog and more; as well as Boston's Aspects of War and Contingent, Austin's Glue, Melbourne's Kromosom, Tokyo's Isterismo and Raw Distractions, Philly's Sheer Mag, Malmo's Heratys, Oslo's Urbanoia, and more, plus a few more TBA. Tickets will be available on Valentine's Day (2/14). Full lineup below.

There's also a kickoff show happening April 16 at Acheron with Toronto's S.H.I.T., Texas' Vaaska, Ajax, Raid and "special guests that may or may not be announced."

NY's Alright 2015 lineup below...


New York's Alright 2015 Lineup (a few more TBA)
Ajax (NYC)
Anasazi (NYC)
Aspects of War (Boston)
Bad Noids (Cleveland)
Blood Pressure (Pittsburgh)
Condominium (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Contingent (Boston)
Freak Vibe (Seattle)
Glue (Austin)
Gowanus Mutant Komandos (NYC)
Herätys (Mälmo)
Isterismo (Tokyo)
Kromosom (Melbourne)
L.O.T.I.O.N. (NYC)
Mommy (NYC)
Mystic Inane (New Orleans)
Nandas (NYC)
Pure Disgust (DC)
Raw Distractions (Tokyo)
Sadist (Boston)
Sheer Mag (Philadelphia)
Tapehead (Rochester)
Urbanoia (Oslo)
Vanity (NYC)
Warhead (Kyoto)
Warthog (NYC)
2x4 (Boston)

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