Auckland, NZ's The Beths make extremely catchy guitar pop that's both understated and immediate. Singer/songwriter Elizabeth Stokes and guitarist Jonathan Pearce have been friends since high school and their camaraderie is evident in the easygoing melodies heard on the band's debut album, Future Me Hates Me, which will be out August 10 via Carpark. If you like '90s melodic indie rock or more current stuff like Alvvays, The Beths are in a similar orbit.

A great example of the kind of pop The Beths make is "Great No One" which Elizabath says is one of the newest songs on the album. "Making an album is this weird thing that has taken us a long time to do, and I feel like for me, in the same way that you can hear a song and have it bring back a memory very vividly," Elizabeth says, "I can almost plot on a graph where I was emotionally when we, for instance, tracked a specific guitar part or vocal part. And so listening back to the mixes, it's a bit of a roller coaster, and it's quite evident to me the kind of slow cycles my brain goes through. So 'Great No One' is kind of about that, about the voice in your head (my head) saying 'It's good, stop wasting time' and then 'It's garbage, stop trying', and trying to balance on that see-saw."

You can check it out via the song's lyric video which premieres in this post and sneakily has more going on than your average one of these. "We borrowed a green screen and a camera, and then I watched like fifty youtube tutorials on how to hang, light and shoot a green screen," Elizabeth tells us. "And then we shot it, and then I watched like fifty youtube tutorials on how to use video editing software. So, yeah. Fun." Watch that, along with two other videos for songs off the LP, below.



1. Great No One
2. Future Me Hates Me
3. Uptown Girl
4. You Wouldn't Like Me
5. Not Running
6. Little Death
7. Happy Unhappy
8. River Run: Lvl 1
9. Whatever
10. Less Than Thou

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