It's been a while since we've heard from New Zealand's Street Chant, whose awesome debut album came out in 2010 and they've only released a few singles since. Well they're finally back with Album #2 which is titled Hauora and will be out April 1 via Arch Hill/Flying Nun. There's nary a dull moment in its 40-minute running time that swerves from punky rippers (including fantastic 2012 single "Sink," the only oldie here) to janglier/scrappier fare that has more in common with New Zealand's indie rock history.

New single "Insides" is a good example of Street Chant's sneery, snotty style, dropping Sylvia Plath references while jamming out power chords. The single premieres in this post and you can check it out, plus the "Sink" video and another track of the album, below.

Street Chant haven't played the U.S. in five years. Come back soon!


Street Chant - Hauora tracklist
1. One More Year
2. Never
3. Insides
4. Sink
5. Pedestrian Support League
6. Refreshead
7. Melbourne
8. Good Room
9. Joke Jar
10. Country
11. Hauora Forever