Nick Cave, meet Nick Cave
Nick and Nick

New York City this week is a slightly confusing place for Nick Cave fans, as there are two with that name doing noted public performances this week. Nick Cave the musician is in town with The Bad Seeds for three shows at Beacon Theatre, the first of which was last night (3/28). Nick Cave the visual artist is also here presenting his "Heard•NY" piece at Grand Central Terminal this week with 60 dancers from the Alvin Ailey School performing as 30 colorful, fringed "horses" which happens 11 AM and 2PM through Sunday (3/31). We were certainly confused.

Worlds collided when the two met this week, as evidenced on artist Nick Cave's Facebook (which you can see above). We're not sure if this was taken at Grand Central or Beacon Theatre though. We're still confused! Freaky Friday indeed.

For more on "Heard•NY," check out a NY Times video below.


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