Nick Cave's always got new tricks up his sleeve, and today he unveiled another one: a new online store called 'Cave Things,' where fans can find "things conceived, sourced, shaped, and designed by Nick Cave," from prints to apparel and other miscellaneous novelties.

Among the store's offerings on the site, fans can find a variety of knick-knacks, from an "over-priced" guitar pick, decorated with an image of Warren Ellis; unique polaroids (taken, signed, and altered by Nick Cave) for a humble £100.00 each; variety of notebooks, including one designed with a letter from Cave to Anita Lane (dated 1980); a print of a rejected cover proposal for the Bad Seeds' single, "Into My Arms;" a poster of Cave as a child (called the "Little Lamb" poster); and wallpaper (coming soon). Additionally, the site offers a "red hand" charm (which references both the iconic Bad Seeds track, "Right Red Hand," and Cave's The Red Hand Files website, where he hosts a never-ending AMA).

Throughout the site, Cave also chimes in with little quips and remarks, including the line, "Well, I've always had a thing about decapitated saints, hair, and date stamps—I have a thing about things." You can peruse the shop here.

In other news, Nick Cave's solo concert film, Idiot Prayer, was livestreamed late last month. Though the entire film isn't currently available to stream in full, you can watch his performance of "Galleon Ship," a haunting track off of his 2019 record, Ghosteen.

You can also read about the Fazioli piano he sat behind during said solo concert at Alexandra Place (and how much he desires to own one) in a recent post on The Red Hand Files. In his latest edition in the series, Cave discussed writer's block.

Check out some pics of the stuff you can buy at Cave Things: