Last week, Nick Cave premiered a new concert film, Idiot Prayer, which contains footage from a solo concert he played at London's Alexandra Place in June. The film, exhibiting Cave performing many classics from his catalog from behind a magnificent piano, was shown via three global screenings on Thursday, June 23. Those were the only chances to see the film, but hopefully it will get a more proper release sooner than later. In the meantime you can enjoy a clip of Cave's performance of haunting Ghosteen track, "Galleon Ship," watch Idiot Ship's trailer for the holistic film, below.

If you were curious about the piano Nick plays in Idiot Prayer, you're not the only one. The piano is the subject of Nick's latest entry in his The Red Hand Files site where he answers fan questions.

"The piano I played at Alexandra Palace was a Fazioli," he wrote. "There were limited pianos I could access during lockdown. There was, however, a Fazioli. I had never played one before but Dom Monks, the guy who recorded the Alexandra Palace performance, highly recommended this piano. The moment I sat down at the Fazioli, its warm, soft, nuanced sound spoke to me like no piano had spoken to me before. I was swept away by its extraordinary tonal range. It whispered to me. It roared at me. It was the most beautiful instrument I had ever played."

Nick notes he's had the "same nasty little Chinese upright" for over thirty years, and with his love for that Fazioli in mind, he figured it was time for an upgrade. The thing was, as a "principled individual," Cave says in general he is morally opposed to exploiting his fame to get "shit for free." But, the Fazioli was special.

"So I said to my manager — Time to sell my soul. Time to make a call and get me a Fazioli." So, his manager made a call to Fazioli's Italian headquarters, and that phone conversation went as such:

My manager says — I represent the great artist Nick Cave and I am wondering if I could get a free Fazioli (or something like that).

The Italian woman says — L’acttore?

My manager says — What?

She says — The actor?

My manager says — No, Cave. Cave.

And she says — Nick what?

My manager says — Nick Cave.

She says — Nick Cave? Who issa Nick Cave?

My manager says — Well, he is arguably the greatest songwriter of his time. He is one of the cornerstones of modern music. He is a national treasure. He is adored by millions. Italians love him.

She says — Who are you? What you want?

My manager says — Um, a free piano.

And she hangs up.

Later, Cave called his manager back, eager to find out if his beloved Fazioli had been secured. That conversation looked like this:

And my manager says — Well, it seems like they have a rather inflexible policy around giving away £200,000 pianos to people they’ve never heard of.

And I say — Dude, are you my fucking manager or what? I just love that Fazioli!

So the next day my manager rings back Fazioli and the same woman answers the phone and my manager says — Look it’s Nick Cave’s manager again, can I speak to Mr Fazioli.

And the woman says — No.

And my manager says — Listen, my fucking job’s on the line here.

And she hangs up.

As Cave ended his post, spouting nothing but compliments for the piano "full of angel tears and il sangue die santi," he expressed that he's stilling waiting "for the day a giant removal van will put up outside my house, my manager hanging out the passenger window, wearing a t-shirt with a piano on it, and a big smile on his face, screaming, 'Fazioli!'" For now, his old Chinese upright will have to do.

You can read the entire post here.

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