Nick Cave continues answering fan questions on his Red Hand Files Q&A series, and the latest entry refers to a quote from Nina Simone, "Freedom means having no fear." "Sometimes on stage, she added, she would reach that kind of state," Tim from Brussels writes. "How do you free yourself from fear?"

In his answer, Nick writes, "Freedom for me is the ability to relinquish control of the outcome of things and so, in this respect, I agree with Nina Simone; it is to be delivered from fear."

In regard to his methodology for conquering fear, he writes, "These are fraught times but, for me, meditation, the loss of my son, and even the fact that I am just getting older, has allowed me to arrive at a place where I do not feel at the mercy of consequence in the way that I used to — it doesn’t matter to me so much these days what happens. I feel that if I stay true to myself and follow my intuitions, if I surrender control of life’s outcomes, things tend to work out okay." Artistically, he continues that having fear is an important part of the process for him: "I play what I want to play, and say what I want to say, and let the chips fall where they may. This is a kind of freedom."

He also notes that even The Red Hand Files itself has served as a form of freedom for him: "As I have said before in The Red Hand Files, the universe has had its best shot at me and I am still kicking around. The Red Hand Files have played a significant part in this feeling of resilience to the capricious and indifferent nature of the world, they have made me stronger. Each answer I write seems to be an act of surrender but at the same time a kind of armouring up — vulnerability as a form of protection."

As Nick concludes, this was the 30,000th question he has received for the Red Hand Files, in addition to the fact that this week marks two years since the start of the series, his wife's birthday, and the funeral of his "dear, dear mother." He remembers her beautiful words at the end of the post: "Head high and fuck 'em all!"

In past editions of The Red Hand Files, Nick has written a tribute to late Bad Seeds keyboardist Conway Savage, praised fan covers of his music, talked cancel culture, and much more.

Meanwhile, Nick recently covered T. Rex's "Cosmic Dancer" for James Corden's Late Late Show (which is also part of BMG's recently released T. Rex tribute collection, AngelHeaded Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan and T. Rex).

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