Nick Cave has been keeping pretty busy lately, releasing a new b-sides and rarities collection (order on vinyl), playing HG Wells in the new Benedict Cumberbatch film, and scoring Netflix's upcoming Blonde adaptation, among other things. He has a memoir in the works, and that isn't the only book he's been working on, either. He wrote and illustrated a new children's book, The Little Thing, which is for sale on his Cave Things store. The 32-page hardcore comes with a free download of The Little Thing "talking book," which is read by Nick and has music from he and Warren Ellis.

"The Little Thing is a story I wrote for my three-year-old neighbour, Esme," Nick says. "I drew the pictures too, in case you're wondering. It is the tale of a little thing that goes on an epic adventure to discover the true nature of its identity. 'What am I?' asks The Little Thing. Along the way it meets a cast of diverse characters - including a tomato, a toilet roll, a showerhead, a cupcake, and a corn on the cob, that guide The Little Thing toward its final joyous realisation."

You can get a preview of the "talking book" via BBC Radio 6 Music:

And here's a look inside the book:

Nick Cave - The Little Thing

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