It’s “upfronts” season, when TV networks parade out their new shows, and it's become an annual tradition that Adult Swim throws a big party NYC with some cool performer.These invite-only industry affairs have, in years past, featured performances from Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips, Outkast, and Kanye West. This year, Adult Swim has tapped Nicki Minaj who will play the sadly difficult-to-attend party on May 18 at Theater at Madison Square Garden.

In other Adult Swim news: the network is expanding their programming to include a bunch of digital-only daytime stuff. The historically only-at-night network is introducing a bunch of talk-show-ish things that will run live on their website . According to AdWeek:

Its daytime streaming shows include Stupid Morning Bullshit, where hosts talk about pop culture events, "while occasionally setting things on fire," according to the release; Crosswords, where people call in to tackle the day's toughest puzzles, including the New York Times crossword; Call of Karaoke, which combines music and gameplay; and Development Meeting, where viewers can call in and pitch show ideas to network development execs.

You probably already know if you're an Adult Swim person or not, so there isn't much selling to be done, but if you are a fan there's also a bunch of cool-sounding new stuff coming up this year. For starters, they're bringing back the much-loved early-aughts Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack for its first new episodes since 2004. There's also: a new Dan Harmon-produced live-action show called Art Prison, which is about inmates of a prison for the performing arts, which sounds extremely promising; a new show from Jon Krasinski and Stephen Merchant called Dream Corp LLC that takes place inside a dream-therapy facility; and a couple of parodies of Indiana Jones and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. This is all on top of new seasons of great shows like Rick and Morty and The Eric Andre Show, which will be back at some point this year.

Lastly, while this was not made by Adult Swim, someone mashed upf Rick and Morty clips with Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools (Drank)" which is pretty great. Get schwifty: