The limited series adaptation of Min Jin Lee's bestselling novel Pachinko premiered on AppleTV+ today and part of its sweeping, sumptuous appeal is Nico Muhly's stirring score.

“The music for Pachinko had some heavy lifting to do: the show gracefully skips around from Japan to Korea, from the 1930s to the 1980s, and everywhere in between," notes Nico. "The music had to bridge these time periods, bind the characters together, and keep the audience focussed on the incredible performances on the screen. I immediately decided that the music had to be simultaneously acoustic and electronic, to avoid needing to immediately change 'styles' with every change of period. Instead of writing themes for each character, I tried to establish a sort of “family tree” of material, which all stems from Sunja, her mother, and father."

The Pachinko score will be out soon via Lakeshore Records but you can listen to the show's main theme, "Hansu Sees Sunja," now below.

As for the series, Soo Hugh adapted the novel and serves as showrunner. It stars Yuh-Jung Youn, Lee Minho, Jin Ha, and Minha Kim and here's the synopsis: "Filled with universal themes of family, love, triumph, fate and resilience, the series chronicles the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family across four generations as they leave their homeland in an indomitable quest to survive and thrive. Starting in South Korea in the early 1900s, the story is told through the eyes of a remarkable matriarch, Sunja, who triumphs against all odds. It juxtaposes her story with that of her grandson, Solomon, in the 1980s."

The first three episodes of Pachinko are out now on AppleTV+ and subsequent episodes will be released every Friday. You can watch the trailer below.


01. Hansu Sees Sunja
02. The Mudang
03. Young Sunja
04. Abalone Dive
05. The Fishermen
06. The Cove
07. Fourteen Years
08. Hana Calls
09. This Reminds Me
10. You Haven't Changed
11. A Man Who Doesn't Matter
12. The Wedding
13. Packing
14. Final Call
15. Train
16. Sentimental Reasons
17. Osaka 1931 / Busan 1989
18. Bridge of Tears
19. A Thief
20. Without a Body
21. Let's Call Him Noa
22. Stampede
23. Isak Arrested
24. A Communist
25. Isak Taken
26. White Rice
27. Proposal
28. Mushrooms
29. Kimchi

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