by Black Bubblegum

The black metal star, with the star of classic cinema such as Ghost Rider, Next, Knowing, and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.
Nic Cage

In 1987, actor Nicolas Cage was “Raising Arizona.” Three years later, he began raising future underground black-metal singer Weston “Arcane” Cage….

Weston tells “I have a dark maniacal side and sometimes I want to decimate every person in the room. But I also want to enlighten. We have a variety of different fans and get different reactions.”

He adds… “I come from a lineage of great artists,” he said. “I just want to contribute to my genre and honor my family.”- [Boston Herald via Blabbermouth]

That “undergound black metal band” is Eyes of Noctum, whose debut album, Inceptum was recorded by Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir) and features Hellhammer (!?!?!?!) (Mayhem, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir) and Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Therion, Mercyful Fate). Eyes of Noctum play two nights in NYC starting tonight (7/17), and though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this band, they are playing with the mighty Malkuth at Studio @ Webster Hall and then again on July 20th (Mon) at Europa with the also awesome Villains and Bezoar. Advance tickets for tonight are here while tickets for Europa are here.

Snowy Shaw rwas recently interviewed by where he spoke on his current projects as well as his time with Eyes of Noctum:

SDM: Tell us about your relationship with Fredrik Nordstrom. Do you ever do studio sessions for him?

Snowy: Fredrik and I are great friends, and occasionally I do sessions for him or in his studio.

Most recently was last summer for a band I think is called Eyes of Noctum with Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage’s son as the leader/singer. Fredrik just called me one night, asking me to attend in the studio as some sort of coach for this poor young LA drummer who simply couldn’t get it down, so after having wasted several days, Fredrik as the producer just had to take charge of the procedure and get things moving. I got there the next morning thinking I’d be coaching the guy, then understand they expect me to do ghost drumming, then the next day I’d be listed as the drummer. I’m a very quick learner, and although I don’t consider myself a very good black metal drummer (since I hit the drums very very hard, playing that ultra fast gets tricky), but I did my best to please them with all their wishes and requests, and I nailed it all in a few days time, and everybody was happy.

Tour dates below…

Jul 17 2009 The Studio@Webster Hall New York, New York
Jul 18 2009 The Sterling Hotel Allentown, Pennsylvania
Jul 19 2009 El’N’Gee New London, Connecticut
Jul 20 2009 Europa Brooklyn, New York
Jul 22 2009 Sonar Baltimore, Maryland
Jul 24 2009 Zeropack Live Winchester, Virginia
Jul 25 2009 Nara Sushi Richmond, Virginia
Jul 27 2009 One Eyed Jacks New Orleans, Louisiana
Jul 31 2009 The Meridian Houston, Texas