Nicolas Jaar has announced a new Against All Logic album, 2017 – 2019, due February 7 via Other People, and he also just released a new 50-minute mix and a new two-song single: "Alucinao" (ft. Estado Unido and FKA twigs, whose great 2019 album Magdalene featured production by Jaar) and "Illusions of Shameless Abundance" (featuring no wave legend Lydia Lunch). Lydia Lunch is also on a different track on the upcoming AAL album. Listen to the two new songs and the new mix, and view the LP's tracklist, below.

Who is Estado Unido? We're not totally sure but it may just be an alias Nico is using. Last year he did a soundtrack for a film called EMA, and the name -- though stylized with a dollar sign -- appeared there too ("REAL - E$tado Unido feat. Stéphanie Janaina (Ema Soundtrack)." Like FKA Twigs, Stéphanie Janaina is also a dancer and somebody Jaar has collaborated with in other ways.

This new FKA Twigs track comes just a few days after twigs took part in the Prince tribute at the Grammys (where she danced but did not sing). She's also playing Coachella.

1. Fantasy
2. If Loving You Is Wrong
3. With an Addict
4. If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard (ft. Lydia Lunch)
5. Alarm
6. Deeeeeeefers
7. Faith
8. Penny
9. You (Forever)

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