Night Flight, the '80s-era late-night TV series that got resurrected as a streaming service, is launching a 24/7 music video channel dedicated to independent artists and labels. Dubbed NFTVi, the live streaming channel is part of the Night Flight Plus service and labels such as Sub Pop, Dais, and Rvng Intl, Drag City, and Dark Entries are on board for their artists, with more labels to be announced soon.

"From Day One, Night Flight has been a beacon for the creativity and innovation of independent musicians and artists," says Night Flight CEO Stuart S. Shapiro. "It's in our DNA. NFTVi now celebrates this art form which is so vibrant today and culturally important. I am so proud to launch our second 24/7 TV channel on the Night Flight Plus platforms.”

NFTVi is Night Flight Plus' second streaming channel, the first being Night Flight TV which streams classic Night Flight episodes 24/7. The service has a lot of cool on-demand content too, like classic episodes of  Night Flight's "New Wave Theatre" and "Take Off", plus  punk / new wave / alternative music documentaries, cult films, old episodes of Gumby, and more. Learn more here.

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