Night Shop, the solo project of Justin Sullivan (Babies, Worriers, Kevin Morby's band, Flat Worms), has announced his second album, Forever Night, which will be out February 11, 2022 on Dangerbird Records. Justin co-produced the album with Jarvis Taveniere and the band on this record includes Hand Habits' Meg Duffy on bass (they both played in Morby's band), Evan Weiss (Slang Chickens, Sparks) on guitar and Tiffanie Lanmon (Jess Williamson) on drums.

"This is a special album to me because I feel it’s the closest I’ve gotten to expressing things exactly how I would want to," Justin tells us, "but it is also merely part of the continued joy of making music with my friends. If we’re still here, after all these years, then we’re very, very lucky. So let’s enjoy it and let’s do it to honor those who couldn’t make it to this day, for whatever reason. Let’s not take it for granted."

The first single from Forever Night is the title track, which also opens the album. "I want to go where the music's loud, that's where I belong," Justin sings over a chugging riff. "I want to lose myself in a crowd, and inside a song." Justin says it's "about feeling grateful and inspired by the pace and lessons of the city and the pace and lessons of getting to experience a life spent playing music."

The video for "Forever Night," directed by Jeff Davenport & Cooper Kenward, is a hazy extrapolation of the song's themes, with Justin performing in surreal club and motel room. "I wanted to try to capture a sense of touring; these recurring moments that begin to take on a dreamlike quality after so many years. And how the next morning still brings just enough of a renewed sense of promise to keep the whole thing going."


1. Forever Night
2. Slow Dancing at the Wax Museum
3. Let Me Let It Go
4. Just to Get Home (ft. Hand Habits)
5. Midnight
6. Let Me Begin
7. Pensacola, Florida
8. For a While (ft. Jess Williamson)
9. The End of Time
10. At the Opera

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