German composer Nils Frahm would feel equally at home at home Carnegie Hall as he would Ultra Music Festival. Frahm's unique piano concerto ambient-EDM blend found a happy middle ground at Brooklyn Steel for a sold-out two-night stint on Friday and Saturday. (He was over for a few US shows surrounding his appearance at Big Ears fest.) The packed house on Saturday (3/30) stood silent but not still for every moment of the two-hour set as he weaved his way between each of his many keyboard stations which completely filled the stage. While Frahm looped the complex soundscapes into each other, bright orange and yellow light strobes pulsated in time to the thumping rhythms. Frahm’s setlist included tracks off 2018’s All Melody, including its stunning title track and “Sunson.” However, it was Frahm’s hilarious sense of humor which threatened to steal the show as he interrupted his own broadcast to introduce his pre-encore by describing 2013’s breakout piece, “Says,” as “his best ever song according to the internet.” He went on to sarcastically describe the song's simplicity by detailing the step by step process in complex music jargon before rewarding the audience with a mind-blowing rendition of his glorious nine-minute masterpiece.

Pictures from Saturday's show are in the gallery above and setlist is below.

SETLIST: Nils Frahm @ Brooklyn Steel 3/30/2019
The Whole Universe Wants to Be Touched
My Friend the Forest
All Melody

Toilet Brushes


photos by Toby Tenenbaum

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