HEALTH NIN Gary Numan jam insanity @ Henry Fonda (by reneebarton)

** The Wiltern show scheduled for Saturday Sept 5th is now happening on Thursday Sept 10th - this is now the final show **

Hello all-

Sorry about the hassles with the show not happening last night and tomorrow's rescheduling. If it would have been possible to pull these off, I would have. Anyway, here's the new plan. I appreciate your patience and understanding - we're attempting to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible and we're at full power.

9/6 Echoplex (unchanged)
9/8 Henry Fonda (rescheduled date)
9/10 The Wiltern (rescheduled date)

The first of four 'Wave Goodbye' NIN shows in LA was at the Palladium on September 2nd. Gary Numan joined the band as a special guest at that show, and at the Echoplex show on 9/6, and again last night (9/8) at the Music Box @ Fonda.

Unlike the first two shows though, Gary was not alone at the third. The Henry Fonda audience didn't get Peter Murphy, but they did get Mike Garson (David Bowie, etc), Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction), Danny Lohner (NIN & lots of stuff), AND Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan). All five of them came out to play songs with Trent Reznor and band.

Gary Numan and Eric Avery were on stage together for a cover of Gang of Four's "Anthrax" (and for "Cars"). Plus, HEALTH opened the show and later joined Nine Inch Nails and friends on stage too (see picture above). There were two encores and two Joy Division covers. No full albums played, but there were 31 songs total. Full NIN setlist below...

NIN @ the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, CA - setlist
1. "Head Like A Hole"
2. "Terrible Lie"
3. "Sin"
4. "March Of The Pigs"
5. "Piggy"
6. "Echoplex"
7. "Reptile"
8. "I'm Afraid Of Americans"
9. "Survivalism"
10. "Head Down"
11. "1,000,000"
12. "Letting You"
13. "Burn"
14. "Gave Up"
15. "Eraser"
16. "Just Like You Imagined" (Featuring Mike Garson)
17. "The Becoming" (Featuring Mike Garson)
18. "I Do Not Want This" (Featuring Mike Garson)
19. "Down In The Park" (Featuring Gary Numan)
20. "Metal" (Featuring Gary Numan)
21. "Cars" (Featuring Gary Numan and Eric Avery)
22. "Anthrax" (Gang of Four) (Featuring Gary Numan and Eric Avery)
23. "Heresy" (with Danny Lohner)
24. "Get Down Make Love" (Queen) (with Danny Lohner)
25. "Mr. Self Destruct" (Featuring Greg Puciato and Danny Lohner)
26. "Wish" (Featuring Greg Puciato and Danny Lohner)
27. "The Hand That Feeds"
28. "Atmosphere" (Joy Divison)
29. "Dead Souls" (Joy Division)
30. "The Day The World Went Away"
31. "Hurt"