Face masks have become popular merch items in these past seven plus months of the coronavirus pandemic, including DEVO's ingenious energy dome face shields. Nine Inch Nails, who already summed up the year pretty perfectly with a line of pandemic shirts, have now released a custom mask set of their own, too. Rather than a simple face covering, their new modular face masks allow you to communicate, in a NIN-themed manner, with the people you encounter at a social distance. "Featuring interchangeable messages for uncertain times," the masks feature a velcro fastening system for a series of patches you can switch out, reading things like "Dirty," "Fragile," "Pig," "Numb," "Broken," "Compliant," and "Resistant." There's also an expansion pack with thirteen more patches, including "Contagious," "Infected," "Dead," "Withdrawn," "Delusional," "Doomed," and more.

NIN note that the masks will "let the outside world know you won't let a little pandemic stifle your self-expression," and an interior filter pocket and adjustable nose band help keep "your potentially infectious droplets in" while allowing "your voice of protest out." They also point out that with the patch options you can "make friends or start fights - you are in control," and that "patches can be swapped to match your mood" or "your desperation level."

You can find the modular face masks on NIN's webstore, and see them below.

Nine Inch Nails Modular Face Mask
Nine Inch Nails Modular Face Mask Expansion Pack

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