If you want to display your love of Nine Inch Nails and the degree to which you're over the horrorshow that's been 2020, NIN has the merch you've been looking for. They announced a line of limited edition "Pandemic" shirts, and a hat, available at their online store. "Available for a very limited time only," they write. "This collection of re-takes re-flects our anxiety and anger during this unprecedented time."

Included in the line are the "Mutation" tee ("Time to mutate. Feels good man"), the "Every Day Is Exactly the Goddamn Same" tee ("Getting tired of predicting the future accurately"), the "USAshamed" tee ("American pride, R.I.P."), the "Broken" tee ("Show the world 'you were there' when the empire fell! The colors eerily prescient for a nation on fire"), and the "In This Together" tee and hat ("We Are indeed in this together and we will make it through somehow"). See them below.

Meanwhile, Trent Reznor just won an Emmy for the Watchmen score, along with Atticus Ross, bringing them one step closer to EGOT. It's one of a few others Emmys that Watchmen won, including Oustanding Limited Series.