If you've lived in NYC any time over the last 20 years you have probably seen street artist UFO's work, variations of his tag: a squid-like alien with little jets shooting out the bottom. Part of the 907 graffiti crew, UFO's work has been touring with the large-scale installation "Wastedland 2," which is composed from his and other 907 graffiti writers work as well as director Andrew Shirley's film about UFO 907 of the same name:

Wastedland 2 is a detritus-strewn, site-specific, immersive film installation transforming spaces into a three-dimensional post-apocalyptic graffiti wonderland. Questions of fate and self will collide with graffiti folk lore through wordplay, sculpture, artifacts, and characters – all centered around thematics from the existential fantasy film of the same name. Created by Andrew H. Shirley, and his actors and members of the notorious Brooklyn-based 907 graffiti crew – this environment allows the viewer to enter the psychology of the narrative, to identify and ultimately re-define the way one traditionally engages with film and artwork.

You can check out a trailer for the film below.

"Wastedland 2" has been touring around the country for a while and is now set to land on UFO's home turf at Brooklyn's Knockdown Center on September 15. In addition to the artworks and film, there will be live performances from Ninjasonik, Unstoppable Death Machines, DJ Dog Dick, Jacer Racer & The Ufhoes, Karma Kids, DJ Dirtyfinger, and more. It's free, from 7 PM - midnight with film screenings at 9 PM and 11 PM. More information is here.

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