NiteSoil is the new collaborative death metal project by Frank Godla (Meek Is Murder, Enabler, Metal Injection) and Nick Emde (Contracult Collective, White Widows Pact), which initially formed "as a joke we thought no one would hear; a folder of sick riffs titled 'Slammy Sosa,'" but it turned into something much more serious. The two members ended up writing their debut EP Abusement Park by trading files back and forth after Nick relocated from NYC to the West Coast, and then they ended up getting an awesome guest vocalist on each track -- Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Dave Davidson (Revocation), GosT, Doug Moore (Pyrrhon), Jessica Pimentel (Brujeria, Orange Is The New Black), and Aaron Heinold (Hivesmasher) -- and it was mixed and mastered by the great Will Putney. They also decided to donate 100% of profits from the EP to the Cancer Research Institute.

They recently released "D.S.I.T.S." (ft. Doug Moore) and "Burn Me Down" (ft. Aaron Heinold), and we're now premiering the song with GosT, "Mother of Lust." "[James Lollar aka GosT] asked if I had any sort of direction, but I just let him roam free, and he went off howling like a wild banshee in the night," Frank tells us. "It's chaotic, it's the twisted black metal to our idiot slam, it's perfect!" GosT adds, "I wrote these lyrics about my father, the devil! Real edge lord stuff here. Be careful you don’t cut yourself on the edge because it’s really edgy!"

"The twisted black metal to our idiot slam" is a pretty great way to describe this song, which -- like the previous two singles -- is an absolute scorcher. NiteSoil may have started out as a joke, but these songs seriously rage, and if you like harsh, abrasive, extreme metal of any kind, I highly suggest you listen to them.

We also recently chatted (via email) with Frank, and you can scroll down to stream all three songs and read our Q&A...

This project started with you and Nick living on different coasts. How did it all begin and start to come together?

It was one of the million drunk nights we had together in NY while he lived here. We started talking about ignorant slam, and a week later he sent me a pile of sick riffs titled "Slammy Sosa". I started rearranging some riffs, writing some drum grooves, and after Nick added bass, it started to sound like legit songs. It was then that he moved out west, but since we created and managed this band entirely via file sharing, it didn't change much. If anything it was an awesome way for us to stay connected and continue our friendship virtually, before Covid was ever a thing.

We decided it'd be fun to get some other close friends involved on the mic, instead of doing it ourselves, and just let them go nuts saying crazy shit. Sort of like a nod to hip-hop and how they work with friends they respect. I invited the vocalists over to scream in my living room where I tracked them, my neighbors were scared and thought I finally lost it. Once I finished all the tracking, the uber talented noise wiz, Will Putney, mixed and mastered the EP.

The whole thing started as a legit joke, and we're still a joke, but now it's listenable, and for a good cause!

We're premiering the song with GosT. Can you tell us about why you picked him and what working with him was like?

James (Gost) is a homie of ours we really respect, and love his artistic vision in everything he does. He's amazing at reinventing the Gost wheel with every release, and knew he'd do something unexpected for our track. He asked if I had any sort of direction, but I just let him roam free, and he went off howling like a wild banshee in the night. It's chaotic, it's the twisted black metal to our idiot slam, it's perfect!

Was the project affected by the pandemic at all?

Oddly enough, for a file sharing band that never needs to be in the same room, yes. I sent the completed files over to Will Putney early this year, and the plan was for him to jump on it once he wrapped up some other work, but the pandemic hit just when he was about to start and had to close the studio down. The EP just sat for half the year, but I'm not complaining by any means, it sounds insane and we're really stoked to release it now.

Proceeds are going to the Cancer Research Institute. Can you speak a bit about the importance/significance of choosing this organization in particular?

This is a hard one for me personally, but my father just passed away in my arms two months ago from Pancreatic Cancer. The entire 10 month experience from his diagnosis to his death, is the most life-shattering experience I've ever lived through, and I'm still trying my best to find the strength to wake up every day.

Cancer is something that affects nearly every family in the world, but some are so much worse than others simply due to lack of research, understanding, and awareness. Humans tend to think "that sucks but it'll never happen around me" until it does. My father was one of 57,000 individuals in the U.S. last year diagnosed with one of the worst cancers known to man, and they're still mostly clueless about how to find it, or treat it. All the fame and fortune in the world couldn't save people like Steve Jobs and Patric Swayze from this same disease. The sad part is, in a time where we're seeing the best results of some cancers like breast and testicular, there are many like PC that need our immediate attention because it's getting worse.

Cancer as a whole is something that doesn't discriminate. Rich, poor, homeless, famous, actor or plumber, it's a real epidemic we don't want to think about, but is very much a part of everyone's life in some way. We chose to support the Cancer Research Institute because they're a great non-profit that's transparent about their donations, and works with ALL cancers affecting families out there.

1. "Odio" - Featuring Jessica Pimentel (Brujeria/Orange Is The New Black)
2. "The Extinction Gene" - Featuring Dave Davidson (Revocation)
3. "Burn Me Down" - Featuring Aaron Heinold (Hivesmasher)
4. "The Abusement Park" - Featuring Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder)
5. "Mother of Lust" - Featuring Gost (GOST)
6. "D.S.I.T.S. - Featuring Doug Moore (Pyrrhon)


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