Gel are a new-ish hardcore band from NJ, who surfaced with a demo in late 2018, followed in 2019 by a self-titled EP and promo tape, the latter of which had two songs that the band said will "be on a record" and an SSD cover. Now, they've announced a new 7", Violent Closure, coming February 23 via Atomic Action! Records. First single "Bitchmade" is out now, and it just might be this band's most ferocious song yet. It's short, fast, simple, and covered in a distorted haze, and Gel know exactly how to do this kind of thing. Sami's bark is loud and caustic but sneaks in just enough melody to get stuck in your head, and the band knows how to really groove without letting up on the sonic assault. In other words, it rips.

"All the Gel songs are very personal," guitarist Anthony Webster told No Echo. "They’re about mental health, unhealthy relationships, and weeding out shitty friends. Everyone in the band went through some pretty drastic life changes when we were writing and recording these songs in the first few months of the pandemic. So, 'Bitchmade,' and the rest of the record is us trying to find closure and moving forward."

Listen to "Bitchmade," a clip of another new song, the 2019 promo, and watch a killer hate5six-produced live video from 2019, below.

Gel Violent Closure


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