Choke Artist is a NJ-based independent label that focuses heavily on math rock (but puts out plenty of other types of music too), and they're gearing up to put out a benefit compilation, Your Breath Stinks Vol. 5, on September 3 (pre-order). 100% of profits will be donated to the following charities:

Center for Disease Philanthropy's Covid Relief Fund - This organization allocates money to non-profits supporting frontline workers, quarantined and vulnerable individuals, small businesses, and community based care. As of Jan. 28 they've donated $21.7 million to organizations working in the U.S and abroad.

America's Food Fund - Charity working in partnership with World Central Kitchen, Feeding America, and Save the Children.

The comp features 13 songs, and you can hear six of them now. There's straight-up math rock (from NJ bands Invalids and Use Big Words, the latter of whom share a member with Invalids), screamo (Puerto Rico's Space Corolla), mathy art folk (Austin's Hikes, whose song is sung in singer Nay Wilkins' native language of Tagalog), mathy emo (North Carolina's Sleepy Dog), and melodic indie-punk (Philly's Rally Point).

Pre-order the comp here and stream those six songs below...