South Jersey/Philly pop punks Goalkeeper sound like they've cut their teeth on classic Drive-Thru Records (New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Midtown, etc), Y2K era blink-182, and 2010s pop punk revival bands like The Wonder Years and The Story So Far, and their 2020 EP Life In Slow Motion has a nostalgic-but-fresh sound that recalls all of that stuff without sounding like pale imitation. To give you an even better idea of the band's pop punk pedigree, the EP was produced by Hit The Lights guitarist Kevin Mahoney, engineered by Cartel frontman Will Pugh, mixed/mastered by Neck Deep bassist Seb Barlow, and released on former Less Than Jake drummer (and Fueled by Ramen co-founder) Vinnie Fiorello's Lost Music Collective label.

As you might expect, Goalkeeper write unabashedly catchy hooks and they aren't afraid of a little studio polish, but they also have some hardcore-inspired grit that gives them more of an edge than the pop punk you heard on TRL 20 years ago. Their EP is cool stuff, and if you haven't heard it, you can stream it below.

Since releasing the EP, the band have reworked "Black & Blue" as a string-laden acoustic ballad, and they're just as good at this kind of thing too. Both versions of the song are effective in their own ways, as you can hear for yourself; the video for "Black & Blue" (Reimagined) premieres right here:


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