NJ's FRND CRCL combine the bright, youthful sounds of Enema of the State era pop punk with the quirkier side of newer bands like The Front Bottoms, making for something that induces nostalgia and feels fresh all at once. They released their new album Internet Noise earlier this year, and now they've got a new single, "Joyride 2.0," which is a reworked version of the fan fave "Joyride" from their 2017 debut LP Immuniversity. The new version puts an extra hop in the song's step, and it's a worthy song of its own, separate from the original. It's also their first release for Lost Music Collective, one of the labels co-founded by former/founding Less Than Jake drummer (and current Inevitables member) Vinnie Fiorello.

"This song was a whole lot of fun to reimagine," the band tells us. "The idea to redo it actually came from our producer/recording engineer (Tyler Skye - Monoplane Studios.) I guess he heard some potential there - once we started to delve into it, we had a blast. This is also our first release on a label so big thanks to Lost Music Collective - We’re really excited about the future and our upcoming project!"

We're premiering the song's lyric video, which you can check out right here:

If you wanna hear more, stream the band's two albums:


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