Roadside Graves

The Roadside Graves. Like The Band before them, the New Jersey group pull from several different genres - country, folk, Cajun, southern gospel, and big-time rock 'n' roll - to produce something that can maybe only be called American Music. Taking a cue from fellow Jerseyite (and part-time folkie himself) Bruce Springsteen, the Graves build their songs layer by layer, adding stinging guitar lines over strummed acoustics and boozy horns with barreling piano runs until the entire seven-piece band is dancing a country waltz in perfect step...[says Aquarium Drunkard whose record label Autumn Tone Records...]

...released the band's third album, My Son's Home, on June 9th . Its CD release party is tonight (June 26th) at Pianos, where Roadside Graves will be joined by The Loom, Gunfight! and Blair. Tickets are still on sale.

Two tracks from that record, "Far and Wide" and "Ruby," are posted above.

The band, more or less NYC locals, has several upcoming NYC/Brooklyn/Jersey City shows planned. They'll also be at the Monolith Festival in Colorado this September. Tracklist, album art, and tour dates below...

Roadside Graves
My Son's Home track list
01. Far and Wide
02. My Father Sat Me Down
03. Valley
04. Ruby
05. Wooden Walls
06. Lift up the Gate
07. To the Sea
08. Anthony's Gate
09. God Touched Me
10. I Carried Myself
11. The Snake and How It Lost It's Legs
12. Where the Water Flows
13. My Son's Home
14. Black Wind
15. Take A Train
16. For the Light of the Homes
17. Dirty Work
18. Work Itself Out

Roadside Grave - 2009 Tour Dates
June 26 - New York, NY - Pianos, NYC
July 03 - New York, NY - Union Hall #
July 18 - Jersey City, NJ - Lampost
July 25 - Brooklyn, NY - Trash Bar
Sept 12 - Red Rocks, CO - Monolith Festival
Sept 19 - Ghent, NY - Let it Roll Festival
# opening for Chuck Mead