Genre-blurring Chicago artist NNAMDÏ continues to have a busy year, and he's just released two cool projects. One is a remix of "Baby No More" off Boston singer/songwriter Anjimile's recently released official debut album Giver Taker, an album that was as inspired by Sufjan Stevens-style indie folk as much as by '80s pop and African music, and that tackles such topics as grief, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health.

"I’m a huge fan of NNAMDÏ’s inventive, experimental style and I was super pumped that he agreed to do the remix," Anjimile told The FADER. "I didn't know what to expect, and when I heard it I was blown away. The pitched down vocals, the luscious piano chords. It’s dope as hell."

"As soon as I was introduced to Anjimile’s music it really only took me one song to know I was going to love the rest of the tunes," NNAMDÏ added. "It was a special feeling. Instantly engaging and the album continuously maintained that feeling from song to song start to finish. I was grateful to get to live in that world for a moment and make my own arrangement for this great tune."

NNAMDÏ also stars in the new video by fellow Chicago artist Luke Titus, who's signed to the label NNAMDÏ co-founded, Sooper Records. In the video, NNAMDÏ stars as the host for the fictional The NNAMDÏ At NNIGHT Show, who bring Luke on as the show's guest. Like recent single "Today" (ft. Ravyn Lenae), the song finds Luke offering up gooey psych-funk. Both of those songs will appear on Luke's debut album PLASMA, which is due November 13 via Sooper Records and also features Sen Morimoto, Qari, and Elton Aura (pre-order).

Stream NNAMDÏ's Anjimile remix, Anijmile's album, and the new Luke Titus video below.


Related: Sooper co-founder Sen Morimoto's self-titled album comes out next week (featuring NNAMDÏ, Lala Lala, Qari, Joseph Chilliams, KAINA, and more), and three tracks are streaming now:

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