Randy Randall is best known as the guitarist of noise rock duo No Age, but it turns out he knows a thing or two about new age as well. Randy is releasing his debut solo album Sound Field Volume One as the next installment of LA music and art collective Arthur King's Arthur King Presents series, and it sees him exploring Eno-esque ambient soundscapes. The music was inspired by California’s I-10 highway, and there will be an "immersive multimedia installation" from Randy and visual artist Aaron Farley in LA happening in conjunction with the album's release. Both the installation and the album's music videos feature footage shot along that highway. "This project has been a really fun way to explore the many different environments of Southern California," Randy says.

He recently released the "Shore Sunset, Pt. 1" song and video, and we're now premiering the "Desert Sunrise, Pt. 2" song and video. Speaking about the new one, Randy tells us:

"Desert Sunrise, Pt. 2" is a reflection of my time growing up in the Inland Empire being surrounded by the sparse wide open landscape. There is a peace and stillness that can be violently interrupted by environmental or man made forces, i.e. massive unending trains and huge wind gusts.

Aaron Farley and I spent many mornings starting out at 3am driving through the desert collecting footage and studying the light bouncing off the mountains and shrubs. We got hit with giant winds that would knock us around and made keeping the camera still almost impossible. I would fill several thermoses with coffee to keep us awake on these treks and the first day we were out there a huge thermos got blown over in the car when I opened the door, drenching my car in a warm aromatic coffee bath. I can still smell it.

Watch both videos, and the trailer for the installation, below.

The album comes out March 29 via Dangerbird (pre-order), and the installation will be at LA's 1700 Naud from March 29-31 and April 5-7 (RSVP).

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