We were just talking about how Tim Singer has been a very busy guy lately, with the Deadguy documentary and reunion plans and his two newer bands Bitter Branches and Process Black, and we almost missed (thanks, Ryan!) that his pre-Deadguy band No Escape also reunited, have a new EP on the way, and released their first new song in 27 years, "Insomniac."

Guitarist Steven Crudello (later of Seven Gone) spoke to No Echo about the band's return: "We reconnected a few years back with the exception of our old bass player because there was some talk about maybe rereleasing the Just Accept It record. I suggested recording the song 'Search' from our demo for fun to maybe add to it. We started jamming and it was a blast. With a friend of mine filling in, we ended up doing a reunion show in Philly. During that time, I started throwing out some new song ideas whenever we could get together and things just started to click from there. We ended up getting stoked on the new music, never recorded 'Search,' or rereleased that record, but ended up recording some songs without a full-time bass player instead."

Steven added that they recorded the EP with Arik Victor (Creep Records) in Philly, "who I knew from around the music scene and he also was familiar with No Escape. The first sessions we did the basics for three songs. About a year or so later, we recorded three more with Jay and had him redo the bass from the first session." And as for when it's coming out: "We are still working out the details of what label the vinyl release of all six songs will be on, but we hope to have it out by fall."

Stay tuned for more, and stream "Insomniac," which sounds as fresh today as the band's classic work, below.

We also recently posted live videos of Deadguy and Tim Singer's post-Deadguy band Kiss It Goodbye in a recent roundup of unearthed '90s footage shot by the late Tim Morris.