No Fun Fest

No Fun Productions is pleased to announce the initial line-up for No Fun Fest 2008. Taking place for three nights (May 16, 17, 18) at the legendary Knitting Factory in New York City, this year's festival, which includes some of the most acclaimed names in experimental music, avant electronics, and noise and beyond will without question create a cacophonic haven for all fans of noise and dissonant experimental sounds.

Full lineup and ticket info below....

Returning to the Upstairs/Downstairs split of the first three festivals, this year's line-up is an apt conglomeration of both season chaos crafters and future forefathers to new sounds. Perhaps most notable among the many eye-grabbing names include minimalist pioneer Tony Conrad, who will be performing with M.V. Carbon of Metalux fame, German avant-electronic legends Cluster, and Phillip Best's under-documented but deservedly admired Consumer Electronics Project. Also appearing will be extolled mainstays like The Haters, Lee Ranaldo, Sudden Infant, The Skaters, Thurston Moore and Lassa Marhaug plus recent talents like Burning Star Core, Demons, Religious Knives, Nautical Almanac, and Carlos Giffoni himself. The downstairs stage will play host to various geniuses of cacophonous glee from deep underground including FFH, Sewer Election, Halfings, Damion Romero, and Emeralds.

No Fun Fest 2008. May 16,17,18 at the Knitting Factory In NYC
3 Day Festival Pass ($50) available
single day tickets:May 16(18$) May 17(20$) May 18 (18$)
Hotel Information coming very soon
Questions :

FRIDAY 16 at 7pm

Stage 1:
ASTRO (Hiroshi Hasegawa)
Tony Conrad + MV Carbon
White Out
Burning Star Core
Thurston Moore + Nancy Garcia
Dinosaurs with Horns
Randy Yau

Stage 2:
Damion Romero
Handicapper Hornz
Greg Kelley
Jason Crumer
Failing Lights
Sewer Election
Black Quarter


SATURDAY 17 at 7pm

Stage 1:
Religious Knives
Carlos Giffoni
The Skaters
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Nautical Almanac
Nevari Butchers

Stage 2:
Tovah Olson and The Jasons
Alvars Orkester
Baby Cobra Headsz
Eskimo King
Pax Titania
Afternoon Penis

SUNDAY 18 at 6:30pm

Stage 1:
The Haters
Consumer Electronics
Illusion of Safety
Lee Ranaldo: Blind Piece #2
Lasse Marhaug + Dror Feiler
Sudden Infant
Werewolf Jerusalem

Stage 2:
Joseph Hammer
Rick Potts
Alan Licht
James Plotkin
The Cathode Terror Secretion
Shallow Waters

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