Massachusetts melodic hardcore vets No Trigger released Dr. Album, their first LP in a decade, this year, and they made appearances at The Fest, Punk In Drublic, and Riot Fest amid festival season. Now, the band have collaborated on a list of their favorite albums of the year, including Taylor Swift, Timeshares, Mindforce, Beach Bunny, and--coming in at #1--their own album. They bring the same sense of humor to their commentary that they often bring to their music. Check out the full list below...

by No Trigger

#1- No Trigger - Dr. Album (Red Scare)

Sure we wrote it but I mean, have you listened to it? It clearly wins. It’s a bulletproof record. Nothing like it exists. (Teach, Bones, Pippen, Soy Boy, Hollywood, and Baron von Lasagna)

#2- Taylor Swift - Midnights (Republic)

Stupidly perfect. Just one long perfect vibe. "Maroon"? "Lavender Haze"? "Karma"? Get outta here. Flawless. Would have been number one if not for Dr. Album. (Teach)

#3- Timeshares - Limb (Wiretap)

Listening to this album is like taking your cold, dead heart, dropping it into a bucket of whiskey, attaching it to a car battery, and jumping through puddles barefoot on the street you grew up on. (Baron von Lasagna)

#4- High Command - Eclipse of the Dual Moons (Southern Lord)

Grab your broadsword and hit the pit. This makes me want to crush a troll skull in the heat of battle while fighting off blood demons from the crypts of hell. (Bones)

#5 The Chats - Get Fucked (Bargain Bin)

This album makes me want to run headfirst through the closest pub wall and immediately skull a sixer of VB's and then wake up naked in an Australian river. (Baron von Lasagna)

#6- Wet Leg - Wet Leg (Domino)

Nostalgic indie feels combined with a super raw music vibe that perfectly blends both witty and sensual lyrics. Upon first hearing "Wet Dream," I knew this record would be an absolute Indie staple for 2022. (Hollywood)

#7- Beach Bunny - Emotional Creature (Mom + Pop)

I sometimes put my trust in The Algorithm and it delivered me this incredible melodic powerhouse of an artist. The vocals, arrangements, and heart in every song is just next level goodness that satisfies my completely corrupted 90’s brain. (Soy Boy)

#8- Mindforce - New Lords (Triple B)

Hardcore is having a moment once again but no one is doing it like Mindforce. New Lords is an onslaught of highly inventive riffs and beat variations that push the limits on what can be achieved in hardcore. Amidst the chaos, the record maintains a cohesive vibe that feels equal parts classic and progressive. (Pippen)

#9- The Beths - Expert In A Dying Field (Carpark)

My friends wouldn’t shut up about this band, and I’m a fool for not falling in love sooner. The speedy Juliana Hatfield style jams and the slow and beautiful heartstring ballads are just what my soul needed. I’ve never been more instantly impressed with an artist’s full discography and now I’m a fan for life. (Soy Boy)

#10- Cigar - The Visitor (Fat)

One of the best skate punk records ever written. Technical as fuck, but fun as fuck as well. Super great record, and they are a goddamn three piece! Bonus: maybe the best punk drumming I’ve ever heard? (Teach)

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