Montreal garage punks NOBRO are gearing up for a new seven-song EP, Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar, due February 23 via Dine Alone Records (pre-order). The EP was produced by past collaborator Thomas D'Arcy and mixed by frequent PUP producer Dave Schiffman. ""It says it all in the EP title," lead vocalist Kathryn McCaughey tells us. "Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar; tell that to yourself in the mirror every morning and make it your mantra."

Along with the announcement, we're premiering lead single "Bye Bye Baby," which is actually sung by guitarist Karolane Carbonneau. "When I wrote that song, I was having the worst breakup of my life," Karolane said. "Kathryn, the lead singer of our band, said to me, 'You should take advantage of your sadness to write a freaking badass song.' I've always wanted to sing lead vocals on a song, but I never got the guts to do it. Props to Kathryn for the support and forcing me to do it! And please, do yourself a favour and never let anyone bring you down. Always believe in yourself."

"You know when you have those moments and you just want to scream?," Karolane added. "'Bye Bye Baby' is exactly that." The song's a truly anthemic ripper that fits in nicely next to anything from classic Lookout! Records to NOBRO's pals PUP (whose upcoming album features Kathryn). Listen below.


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