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Not only did punk lifers NOFX just release a new album, Single Album (out now digitally, vinyl coming soon), their 2006 EP Never Trust A Hippy was just given its first-ever vinyl release.

The EP was originally released as a teaser for NOFX's '06 album Wolves in Wolves' Clothing and it came from the same sessions as that album and included two of the same songs ("Seeing Double at the Triple Rock" and "The Marxist Brothers"), as well as a cover of the 1984 song "Golden Boys" by Germs offshoot Vagina Dentata. From the drunk Jesus on the album cover to the lyrics, this EP continued the political vibe that NOFX had on previous album The War on Errorism, taking shots at right-wingers, Christian fundamentalists, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, the NRA, Mel Gibson, and more. (And on the Clash-like reggae/punk of "The Marxist Brothers," Fat Mike poked fun at Propagandhi, who had poked fun at him on a song the year prior.)

If you've never heard Never Trust A Hippy, it -- like most NOFX records -- is classic NOFX. You can stream it below and pick it up on 10" vinyl at the BrooklynVegan store.

We've also got NOFX's new album Single Album available on vinyl in our store too. Here's some of what Fat Mike said about the new album in a new interview with MusicRadar:

This record was written and recorded a year-and-a-half ago. Way before Covid. I was in a depression. I had never been depressed before. But I was very lonely and depressed, going through a divorce. I was drinking a lot, doing a lot of drugs, and all these songs were written during that process, usually at three or four in the morning.

[...] I write complicated chord progressions because I let the melody dictate where it is going to go. ‘Oh, I think I’ll try this chord. Does that one work? No. Does this? No…’ And that is how I end up with eight/sixteen chord patterns.

It is very much like the Beatles. Not that I have studied the Beatles – I think I know how to play three songs – but the Beatles played that song "All My Loving," and that sounds like a simple pop song, but it is a sixteen-measure pattern.

You don’t think that when you hear it. It’s just catchy. So, that’s the paradigm I use, especially the new songs I have been writing. They are getting so weird. I mean, I think they are really catchy but I can’t keep track. I write it, and I have to record it all, and then have to go back and figure it out. I won’t write a melody to a chord progression – they get written at the same time.

Read more here and stream Single Album below too.

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If it's safe by then, NOFX are scheduled to play Punk Rock Bowling in September.


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