As recently meentionend, Circle Jerks are reuniting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their classic debut Group Sex, and the first US show they announced was Punk Rock Bowling. Fans in Europe will get to see them at the 2020 Europe editions of Fat Mike's touring Punk In Drublic festival, where they'll be joined by NOFX, Pennywise, Comeback Kid, Face To Face, and more. Punk In Drublic will also be at the Leeds and Hatfield editions of Slam Dunk Festival (where Reel Big Fish replace Circle Jerks), and there are many more Punk In Drublics TBA with many more bands TBA, including ones in the US and Canada. Poster and all currently announced dates below.

Circle Jerks' lineup for the reunion is original frontman Keith Morris (who was busy with OFF! and FLAG in the time since Circle Jerks' last show), original guitarist Greg Hetson (who was also in Bad Religion until 2013), and longtime bassist Zander Schloss. No word yet on who's drumming. If they're already set to play two different continents, let's hope that means even more Circle Jerks reunion dates are on the way.

Punk In Drublic -- 2020 Europe Tour Dates
23.05.20 UK Leeds #* Slam Dunk Festival North
24.05.20 UK Hatfield #* Slam Dunk Festival South
29.05.20 AT Wiesen #+ Festivalgelände Wiesen
30.05.20 DE Munich #+ Zenith
31.05.20 DE Berlin #+ Zitadelle

all dates with NOFX, Comeback Kid, Face To Face
# with Pennywise
+ with Circle Jerks
* with Reel Big Fish

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