New Orleans band Joystick!'s 2017 album Sinceriously is one of the best ska-punk albums in recent memory, so it's very exciting news that they've just finally announced a followup, I Can't Take It Anymore, due April 16 via Bad Time Records and Stomp Records (pre-order). It features a new recording of "Retcon," which was first released on Bad Time Records' killer 2019 compilation The Shape of Ska Punk to Come: Volume 1, as well as the just-released single "Parallelograms."

If you're familiar with Joystick!, you've probably already clicked play, but if you're not, definitely do not miss out -- "Parallelograms" is some of the most refreshing ska-punk I've heard all year (and it's already been a good year for ska). If you like ska-punk that's a little heavier on the "punk" side, Joystick! scratch that itch and their new single sounds as fresh and inspired as ska-punk did in the '90s. Do you like fast, ripping bands like Blue Meanies, Link 80, Slapstick, Choking Victim, and want a newer band in your life who fills that void? Joystick! is that band.

Watch the new "Parallelograms" video (shot and edited by Brandon “Waffle” Bordelon), stream the The Shape of Ska Punk to Come: Volume 1 version of "Retcon," and check out the album art & tracklist for I Can't Take It Anymore below...



1. Retcon
2. Detonate
3. Damage Boost
4. Rinse & Repeat
6. Parallelograms
7. No Sleep After Brooklyn
8. 7675
9. Carrot and Stick
10. Unscene
11. Semicolon
12. Past Tense
13. Shots
14. Worm Food
15. I Can't Take it Anymore


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