Nolan Potter (Knife Ritual, Lake of Fire) will release his second album for Castle Face, Music is Dead, on September 24. Made entirely on his own, it's a seriously impressive psych-pop magnum opus. Case in point: "Stubborn Bubble" is an eight-minute wig-out that barrels forward with piledriver intensity before leaving earth's atmosphere for a gorgeous, ethereal midsection and then dropping back into the insane riffage.

"Stubborn Bubble is really all about my love for sci-fi," Nolan tells us. "The imagery in my head as I wrote it came from Dune, The Wrath of Khan, and Moebius’ illustrations for Jodorowsky’s Incal series of graphic novels. I wanted to evoke that spirit while making a jam that was a little heavier and a little more modern sounding than some of my other stuff. I think it stands out on the new record for its length and its slightly more aggressive nature. People will probably need lyrics sheets for this one cuz I wanted it to sound like the vocals were coming through a fucked up space helmet from a distance."

"Stubborn Bubble" premieres in this post and you can stream it below.

Nolan is playing Austin this weekend as part of Hotel Vegas' Ten and a Half Year Anniversary, a two-night celebration happening tonight and Saturday with OSEES headlining and also featuring Amplified Heat, Christian Bland & The Revelators, Magic Rockers of Texas, Being Dead, Bad Lovers, Con Man, and Nevil. Playing as Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band, his set is on Saturday. Check out the poster below.



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