As discussed, the great Agalloch broke up back in May, though the circumstances surrounding their breakup remained a bit unclear. Now that the dust has settled a bit on that whole situation, we've gotten both some clarification about the nature of the breakup and some news about a new project from 3/4 of the band.

First off, that 3/4 (which is drummer Aesop Dekker, guitarist Don Anderson, and bassist Jason William Walton) haven't exactly announced details of their new project, only that they will continue as a band with a new fourth member to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, though there was a lot of hemming-and-hawing around the breakup, Billboard recently interviewed both John Haughm and Don Anderson, and the reason for the breakup was pretty clear and relatively everyday. Basically, John wanted to tour and record full time and everybody else didn't feel like they could leave their day jobs. Don, an academic, in particular didn't apparently have a lot of time for the band. It's a sad situation, but an understandable one, and it was always a bit weird that Agalloch toured so infrequently given their popularity. Don seems stung by but understanding of John's decision, and, well, maybe now we'll essentially get two Agallochs (probably not though). Basically the explanation for these things is often a lot more banal than the initial speculation tends to indicate. The whole interview is well worth a read for Agalloch fans still getting over the breakup.

Here's hoping we end up with more music out of this whole deal. For good measure, you can listen to Marrow of the Spirit below.