by Doug Moore


It's always nice when a good band that you thought had dissolved reappear with new material in tow. So it went with super-weird German thrash unit Noneuclid -- their first LP came out in 2008, and they've been basically silent since. Noneuclid's members are also active in bands like Triptykon, Obscura, and Dark Fortress. So yeah, they're quite busy, and their new album Metatheosis came as a pleasant surprise to me.

We just premiered the first single from Metatheosis, the opening cut "Paranoid Alkaloid," over at Invisible Oranges. From our writeup:

Metatheosis is an ambitious album that throws a lot of different looks at the listener -- "Across the Mist of Broken Glass" is a near-ballad that allows guitarist/vocalist Morean to strip the grit from his singing voice (yes, he actually sings), and it's followed by the three-part "Into the Light." These extravagances play an important role on Metatheosis, but its most satisfying moments come when the widescreen prog-isms run headlong into vicious death/thrash. Listen to how opener "Paranoid Alkaloid" (streaming above) wrenches itself away from maniacal speedpicking calisthenics for a melodic instrumental refrain before diving into Morbid Angel ooze.

Metatheosis comes out on May 4 via Blood Music. You can stream "Paranoid Alkaloid" below.

In related news, Triptykon recently debuted a new song from their upcoming album, titled "Altar of Deceit," live at Norway's Blastfest. You can watch a video of that performance below as well...


Noneuclid - "Paranoid Alkaloid"

Triptykon - "Altar of Deceit" (new song) live

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