MOMAD @ THE DELANCEY | 6/6/6 (cred)
Momad @ The Delancey

Beg Yr Pardon is a new every-other-Tuesday-night party @ The Delancey in Manhattan. June 6, 2006 was their first night. They had five bands, djs, free brownies, and all you can eat bbq. One band who played (Cholo) like my picture of Art Brut @ Knitting Factory. Another band who played (Momad) are the artists formerly known as El Madmo. More pics of Momad can be found at 'Fireballs & Tsunami'. (thx J)

The next edition of 'Beg Yr Pardon' @ The Delancey is Tuesday June 20th. Higgins, Planes for Spaces, Takka Takka, and Telenovela Star are playing.

Sloppy Joannes (Norah Jones) @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC | pics