Northside Festival

Oh, hey, look it's Monday and it's rainy and miserable outside. Which is why you're seated comfortably in front of your computer looking for things to brighten your otherwise awful day. So the timing is perfect, it seems, for our first list of confirmed performers at this year's Northside Festival. For those of you who will only continue reading if you can be guaranteed a certain level of awesomeness, Sunset Rubdown, Bishop Allen, The Dodos, Bill Callahan, Vivian Girls, The Van Pelt, Brightblack Morning Light, O'Death, Asobi Seksu, and John Vanderslice are all included.

Now, you want to get yourself a badge, obviously, so that you can go see all this amazing music right in your own backyard, and so that you can take advantage of all the food and drink specials that'll be included. Good thing they'll only cost you $45 if you act now. We're selling a limited amount at this price, so don't sleep on it, folks. (Badge-holders must be 21 or older as of right now, but don't worry, kids, we've got some stuff in the works for you as well.) [Northside Festival]

The Northside Festival runs from June 11-14 in all or most of the venues in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. A badge lets you jump around from venue to venue on a first come, first served basis. The badge sale page says:

A very limited number of badges will be available at this discounted price! (Arrive to venues early to guarantee entry)

4 days, 30+ venues, dozens of galleries, lots of showcases, hundreds of bands - check often for updates!
Redeem your hard ticket at the Northside Registration Booth (booth location TBD at to obtain your badge & other Northside goodies.

Each venue will be letting a certain amount of badges in per show in addition to individual ticket sales. I'm sure it's probably a good deal, but without the exact schedule, the badge might also be a bit of a gamble...

Full list of currently-announced artists below...

Aaron Behrens
The Albertans
Andrew D'Angelo's Gay Disco Trio
Asobi Seksu
The Beets
Bill Callahan
Bishop Allen
Brightblack Morning Light
Cale Parks
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Dark Faith
The Dodos
Doug Paisley
Dragons of Zynth
Drink Up Buttercup
Endless Boogie
Henry Wolfe
Home Video
John Vanderslice
Katie Eastburn
Kilgore Trout is Dead
La Strada
Motel Motel
Murder Mystery
Pretty & Nice
Quo Vadis
Real Estate
Screaming Females
Sean Bones
Sir Richard Bishop and His Freak Of Araby Ensemble
Steve Coleman's Five Elements
Sunset Rubdown
Virgin Forest
Vivian Girls
War on Drugs
We Are Country Mice

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