Trying to salvage a stack of waterlogged Norton Records LPs (via @monster_mama)

We posted yesterday about serious damage Hurricane Sandy inflicted upon the people and businesses of Red Hook, including the offices of New Amsterdam Records. But it was not the only label affected there. Great soul/R&B/rockabilly/etc reissue label Norton Records has their warehouse in Red Hook and lost nearly all their stock in the flooding. They posted on their blog earlier today about the situation and how you can help:

Thank you again to all the volunteers who have been helpingNorton Records recover the near total destruction of our Brooklyn warehouse at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. We have been able to salvage some stock but the job is incredibly overwhelming. We will need able hands to help with the salvage effort here at Norton HQ in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. This is an indoor job, pulling records out of wet boxes, etc. If anyone has a vehicle of any sort to assist in getting wet boxes from the Red Hook warehouse to HQ in Prospect Heights, please call...

...Norton asked for help through the weekend but we actually will continue to need any help that we can get throughout the upcoming week. We are working from 11AM until 11PM every day. Anything that you can do to pitch in would be most appreciated. The folks who have helped so far have been simply incredible. Friends, neighbors, Norton artists and complete strangers - we thank you all for the work, the food and snacks you brought and the much needed support you've all shown through this ordeal.


We have gotten messages from people who live too far to get here. Thank you. If you are in our hurricane area, please direct your efforts to helping those who you can reach. Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Staten Island, the entire East Coast needs a neighborhood effort.

Norton Artists!
We are heartbroken to report all of this destruction to you. We will do everything in our power to get your records back into print as soon as humanly possible. Please believe in us 'cause we sure do believe in you as musicians, friends and superstars!

For more details, including contact numbers and email addresses, visit the Norton Records blog.

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