Well this is a bummer. Norton Records' tiny little record store in Prospect Heights is closing sometime in the near future. But as they say, "it's bad news/good news, kinda-sorta," and they're looking for someone to take over the space. More details:

With a sigh, the continuing saga of Norton Records is about to start yet another chapter, as we work toward a huge move of our headquarters in Brooklyn. Right now, the shop will have to close in order to make the move happen. Nothing is easy, that's for darn sure! Before we close, we need to find a new tenant for the shop space. It's a perfect location for a small shop, so if anyone out there has been dreaming about running their own little shop with modest rent in scenic Prospect Heights, close to the subway, and just a short block off Atlantic Avenue near Barclays Center, you've got a built in customer base. It would also make a great little coffee and sandwich takeout, massage parlor, or fortune telling joint. If you know of anyone wishing to open their own little endeavor, contact us right away. Thanks for the memories and support, and watch for new developments!

Meanwhile, Norton Record Shop is open Wednesday to Sunday from noon til 8 PM "every day until we pull down the shingle," and the store current has 10% off every record in there. It's a great little store and you should stop by if you can.

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