Today is Presidents Day and in NYC, Chicago, DC, LA, and other cities, many, many people are using it to protest the current administration at the "Not My Presidents Day" rallies:

Donald Trump is literally our President, but figuratively, he has attacked every value Californians embody and does not represent our interests. We will be staging a rally downtown at City Hall to protest the anti-Californian policies of the current White House:

- He plans to cut federal funding to our state in an attempt to turn us against our immigrant population, funneling money away from important public institutions.
- He wants to use our tax money to build a wall that no one wants.
- He floated introducing a ridiculous 20% import tariff that would be detrimental to California consumers. (We take our avocados seriously here.)
- He threatens us and our neighbors with unethical immigration raids.
- He attacked our Muslim communities in instituting an outrageous and Islamophobic religion ban.
- He approved a pipeline that threatens to destroy sacred lands.
- His administration opposes women's right to choose and purged the White House website of information pertaining to police brutality and LGBTQ rights.
- His party doesn't take climate change seriously and undermines our state's efforts to combat it.

Donald Trump stands against the progress we have worked hard to enact. He does not represent our interests. He was voted in by a minority of the American public but governs as if there's no resistance. But there is -- and on February 20th, we will honor previous presidents by exercising our constitutional right to assemble and peacefully protest everything Donald Trump stands for.

There is a congressional recess on February 20th that aligns with President's Day. Let's rally while our federal representatives are back in California and remind them who they represent.

The NYC rally is taking place as we speak in Columbus Circle, right outside Trump International Hotel. The music Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello mentions in the above Tweet included, according to Gothamist, a brass band who led the crowd through "America The Beautiful" and other patriotic standards. A few pics and video are below. UPDATE: check out even more pics from the rally in the gallery at the top of the page.

On Saturday (2/18), Russell Simmons hosted the "I Am a Muslim Too" rally in Times Square which drew thousands. you can check out a few pics and videos from that as well.



Pics from the I Am a Muslim Too rally...

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