Nothing, who we recently included on a list of essential songs from the shoegaze / heavy crossover, have announced a followup to 2018's Dance on the Blacktop. It's called The Great Dismal, it was recorded throughout quarantine with the great punk producer Will Yip, and it comes out October 30 via Relapse (pre-order). It also features guest appearances by Alex G, Mary Lattimore, and Shelley Weiss, and it's Nothing's first album since Cloakroom frontman Doyle Martin joined on guitar/backup vocals.

"The Great Dismal refers to a swamp, a brilliant natural trap where survival is custom fit to its inhabitants," frontman Domenic Palermo says. "The nature of its beautiful, but taxing environment and harsh conditions can’t ever really be shaken or forgotten too easily."

First single "Say Less" isn't "heavy shoegaze" so much as it recalls the mid/late '90s era of bands combining shoegaze with trip-hop, industrial, and breakbeats. It's a new look for Nothing but still unmistakably their work, and it's a promising first taste of this LP. Listen and watch the Jordan Hemingway-directed video below.


1.A Fabricated Life
2. Say less
3. April Ha Ha
4. Catch a Fade
5. Famine Asylum
6. Bernie Sanders
7. In Blueberry
8. Memories
9. Blue Mecca
10. Just a Story
11. Ask The Rust


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